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This might be the biggest step of your lives! You have decided to do what many people can only wish for! In all honesty though, there will be quite a few decisions to make before you can embark on your honeymoon and start your wonderful and amazing happiness together...

The wedding ceremony! It can be quite cost consuming and lets face it! This is your day! Many couples to alleviate the headaches that sometimes go with planning out a wedding just throw in the towel and opt to just do the 10 minute marriage at city hall, get the marriage certificate officiated and move forward with building on their marriage...

Nothing wrong with that but where are the memories? The Pictures? The Videos? Those keepsakes that you can view 20 years later? Or even 50 years later?

What if you can have the best of both worlds?

How does this sound...

You contact Fast and Fancy Weddings by R.E.D. >Schedule a time for a consultation where all of your questions will be answered > Then book your 1 hour in studio wedding With Deposit and up to 12 guests (or no guests if you choose) > Arrive at your pre selected time > Have the most amazing ceremony ever! > Your Marriage Certificate will be certified > Pick up your Ten Edited 8x10 Prints and 10 DVDs of The Filmed Ceremony in 12 Business days!

What would this cost for this amazing package? All that is outlined will only cost $597

We want to build memories without having you pay multiple vendors huge sums of money!

And yes! Feel free to Bring a cake!

Contact us now to set up your free consultation!




Below You Can Find Some Extras! These are not included in the base $597 Price. If there is something else you may want added to your special day please discuss it during the consultation. We want to make sure that nothing is left out and we definitely want to insure that you never have to worry about extra or hidden charges!

Travel To You

$150 Within 50 Miles 08048

Flower Girls

$50 for Ceremony

Hair and Makeup

$75 Done By Inoj Beauty

Every Sunday 8AM EST