What Is Church of Real Talk?

Welcome To Church of Real Talk!

I am Minister Robinson and I would love the opportunity to share the beginnings and future of Church of Real Talk.

First off, this is not about religion! Please continue to practice what ever you practice that keeps you being a positive individual! We are not trying to get anyone to change beliefs. The easiest way to explain what we do is to call Church of Real Talk an "expansion pack". All we do is highlight the universal truths that are found in most religions and ancient texts.

With that being said, this is the true beginnings of Church of Real Talk! It was the process of studying... A thirst for knowledge... The need to see exactly where we fit into this whole universal scheme of things!

As with most things in life, as far as understanding? I needed to be humbled before the all seeing eye that is the universe, I needed to essentially reach what some call 'rock bottom' before i was allowed to be shown even the smallest glimpse of the things that make up not only us but the universe as a whole!

Yes! Once you are given even the smallest glimpse you find that sometimes pain is an essential ingredient towards growth! Once everything is stripped away you find that you have more room to understand what this thing called life is all about, but most importantly... If you are a positive individual you will want to share these truths! Is this any different than the process that all prophets have gone through? I am not calling myself a prophet! I reserve that title for those who are greater than myself, for those who have given the world the light to show us how to be better sentient beings... I just want the humble mission that I have decided to take on to resonate with others so that they may spread the word just like wildfire to make the world a better place for our children! This way they (our children) will have the ability to understand these things without the need to hit 'rock bottom'!

Therefore the future is dependent on not only the message but how the message is distributed through the masses!

If I had to sum up what Church of Real Talk is all about I would take a quote from the oracle (The Matrix Movies) "We are all here to do, what we are all here to do".

Thanks for visiting and we welcome you with love and positive energy 😉

~Minister Robinson

Every Sunday 8AM EST